Averse Assfuck Reprogramming

    In this game you'll fulfill Vivi - a hybrid game inbetween human and program. You may find that her lovin’ peacful simulation of shore vaca if she obtained all of a sudden assaulted by an unidentified virus! And thsi virus may create several switches to simulations... and also you'll find the opportunity to attempt these switches in act! You may receive Vivi in swimsuit directly facing you along with also manage panel using a couple buttons on it. Every twist preforms an act like tear off her underpants or add a buttfuck connector to Vivi unprotected rear jack. There'll be options that will impact the the dimensions of Vivi's cupcakes! Have joy with attempting distinct otions and love the nasty outcome they'll attract - it will not make an excessive amount of time but might bring a good deal of enlivenment!
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  • Added: 2018-05-18
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