League of Pleasures: Lux, Nidalee, Miss Fortune

    Within this game famous"League of Legends" will trun to"League of Pleasures"! So get ready to watch your fave chracters - Lux, Nidalee or Miss Fortune - to way more hot sort of act which you used to! Simply select your champ (at first-ever it is possible to select only Lux - additional characters will be unlocked only once you conclude the game for a minumum of one tim) and dive right into conflict from humungous sea monster that for some reason battles just with sexy chicks. To overcome him you'll need some mythical armore or fastes thumbs to carry out a hundred clicks at a single 2nd - you may require a fantastic eye and decent memory. That is right - the conflict mode here is created in kind of memory card game! Just recall in the order and in what crevasses that this creature has fucked the champ on replicate it!
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  • Added: 2018-03-22
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